Thursday, 19 June 2008

Why I Blog?

I would like to address this post to my fellow bloggers...

When you created your blogs, what was your goal? Can you tell me of the great reasons why you are blogging?

Well, for me, I have plenty of ideas and thoughts that I needed to bring out. Perhaps, it's just honest fact to say that I am a frustrated writer. I used to join essay writing contests at school, and I am more expressive if I write things down, than saying it. If I can turn back time, and my personal circumstances then is different, and money is not a problem, I probably have taken a course and pursued a career in writing. My parents kept telling me when I was younger, a writing career is difficult, you can't even earn a living from it, unless you are super bright and famous, and be able to sell lots of your articles, otherwise, you'll just one of those lonely ones. I suppose, they are just concerned of my future.

Anyway, I grew up, had a family, and didn't regret what direction I followed, but the love of writing is still here, deep in my heart. That's where Blogging became very very alive in front of me. I can express my thoughts, I can scream, I can cry, I can emote, I can be sentimental, I can laugh, I can be angry, I can be nobody, I can be somebody, I can be anyone, a person, a thing, a poem, a song.... in fact anything! And yet I can make sure that I exist through the posts, articles, and prints.... that's the power of publishing. And what do I get here????? like a computer, sometimes you get filled up with information therefore you wanted to store these information in your memory, but as a human being, our brains do deteriorate as we grow old, and eventually we will lose our memory. Such a shame that it happens, unlike computers, when its memory fills up, it can have added storage. So what was I exactly pointing out in here????? Have you ever thought of what your next generation will learn about you? This is the very reason why I am Blogging. I want to write about real things and happenings in my life and family, my work, my affairs, in fact anything that I feel worth writing about. So when my descendants will ask about me, they can just log on the Internet and find out for themselves, first hand information, and not being relayed by anybody else where things added on or taken away.

Another reason why I am blogging is, the beauty of being in a social network. I have expanded my "personal universe" a lot since joining SocialSpark , I made several friends and actually socialize with them virtually by sending and receiving messages. Not only being nosy by reading and hopping by their blogs, I have learned plenty of tips on how they live their lives, ran their families, spend their money, enjoy their time, express their humour, and so much more. The list is endless.

And with all these reasons, I can get paid if I want to. Now tell me, who says that being a writer is a sad, penniless, loner? In SocialSpark , I get to write on things around our lives (they call this opportunities). Advertisers put up opportunities with price on them, and if you take that opportunity, you just need to write about it and publish it in your blog, and boil'ah! you get paid!!!! And because it is a social network, articles written are 100% real opinions where blogger talk about how they feel about it, 100% Transparent which means no hidden agenda, 100% auditable In Post disclosure which blogger disclose their interests such as if are they talking about a paid or sponsored post, and the best thing is it is 100% search engine friendly.
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