Friday, 6 June 2008

I could not believe this! My kids' mischief.....

Well, I am on my own today. Kids at school, husband in London, sooooo...... I sat in the sofa, and logged in to my blog, investigated who came and had tea at my post, and then I've realized, yeah, I did help the kids set up their own blog, few days back, linked to me rather than them creating their own. So I went to check them out. I am impressed with Jessica's despite some of her spellings are wrong, she proved able to speak her mind. To be fair to her, she has been so proactive with school's activities such as swimming, tug rugby, being a carer, music shows, etc...., so I said to myself, I'm not going to be hard on this, afterall she's only ten. Huh, she's just pimped our search page.
Then to James' site, hmmm, not much. He's a boy and typical seven, into his nintendo DS and some weird toys such as the monster egg which he kept in an eggshaped container filled with water. It looked like an ordinary egg inside for the first three days, then I saw it cracked a little, and finally, it turned into a monster.
Well, at least it is still contained in that eggshape home. Mind you, he's never told anyone about this aside from his partner in crime, sister Jessica, and they both hid this in our wardrobe, so that just before they go to bed, I could hear them fussing about something in our bedroom, so I went to check out, and they just told me they're looking after their pet and it should be in the dark. Okey.....
And triops, and little stuff toys, which at first, I thought are a bit softee and costs more than what you'd get, then I realized there's more to them. Lately, he told me that those toys have got access codes to online games.
And the worst bit of it all is..... shame on me, he got a link of the High School Musical 2 from youtube. I could not believe this. I started blogging around a month ago, and I do not know how to copy and post tags, let alone a video from youtube.....and he could???? What on earth is going on? I am supposed to tell them or teach them "how to" these things, but I guess, I have to ask my son to teach me it this time. I am sure, I could still catch up on how this techie bit work..... Well, hopefully.

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