Sunday, 8 June 2008

My tribute to Daboy

I would like to pay tribute to the late Philippine actor Rudy Fernandez. He was one of the best in the industry, and truly had a great talent. I could remember when I was still a little girl, my Dad would take us for a family day out regularly, but that day out can be extra special if he takes us to see a film, and being a solid Daboy fan, we get to watch pictures if Rudy Fernandez is on it. I grew up and Daboy's name remained great. He was a great actor, father, husband to Lorna, personality, celebrity, model, and in fact just as he is. Learning that he has passed away yesterday, had brought sorrow to my heart.
Although not in anyway related to him or personally knew him, I can say that he is in fact part of "myself" being a Filipino. I would like to send my sincerest sympathy to all whom he left behind.

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