Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Family's Pamper day, My Labour Day.

Well, I had a lovely day off yesterday, and to make it extra special, I brought the whole family to dine out. Just being together as a family is worth celebrating. All of us enjoyed being served at a local restaurant, but unfortunately I forgot the camera so wasn't able to take photos of the place and the food, but it's superb. Then we went to Asda to buy some groceries to start with, but ended up looking at the charts and DVD's. Kids also got a new game for their Nintendo DS's. We went home exhausted but thrilled.
Just before bedtime, I got my foot spa kit out and gave my two kids and husband a good treat each, plus a much needed soothing massage. Ahhhh, joy! I ended up with worn out hands and arms, but seeing them relax and enjoy is a perfect sight.
And guess what? Today, I was on a late shift at work, from 13:30 to 20:00 PM, and soon as I got home, my boy asked me......Mum, are you gonna give us a massage? (Me): What??? Yeah I will, for fifty quit, have you? He just laughed.

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