Monday, 16 June 2008

Loose Weight?

I have been blog hopping for the last few days before I go to sleep, and most women bloggers are talking about their weight, excess fats, unwanted shapes and corners. Well I can relate to them, because I am also seeing it in reality to myself. I thought, I should really loose a bit here and there, but how could I. Exercise? yes I've been there, diet, nahhh.... irrelevant. I've just come back from a party! In fact yesterday as well, and another one coming this Wednesday. Invitations coming from left and right, and although I do not attend to all of them, I still get to go to some and the food are always irresistible. I eat more and more each time. Everyone has got something to offer, how could I loose weight. Someone said, just discipline! I don't think so.

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