Friday, 13 June 2008

Just venting, otherwise it's going the other way!

I have one of the crappiest night shift last night....not because we are busy (take note, I thrive under pressure and challenge) but because we have a crap coordinator who thinks she is good, but I think, it's only in her thoughts. Did you get me????? I could not believe how she manage her staff, it feels like come what may, no plan.... C'mon, let me do your job and I'll show you how to do it well! Grrrrrrrrrrrr..... The only consolation I had is that I know that she would not be back tonight. So much better. Don't ask me who is it, because I will never ever mention names of people not even worth writing about. Huh! Anyway, let me make my statement clear and straight. "Some people are born leaders, and when they lead, they lead well. While some are just made leaders, and when they lead, they lead according to their theory qualifications. Their character remain of an ordinary."

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