Sunday, 1 June 2008

A Day to Bond

Freddie, Jessica, and James.... Shame, I can't join because I am holding the camera

We had a very relaxing day out today as a family. Again, it is our priority to bond, despite our busy lives. The kids are going back to school after a week's half term, Freddie is as busy in his business, while me, well, full time intensive care nurse.

Dad and son, walking as bestmates.

This is the only photo taken of me, and yes, a stolen one also by my hubby, caught me unaware whilst keeping an eye on the two kids running around. Well, not moaning, kind of good one anyway.
Indeed, it was a fantastic day. We started swimming with friends, then decided to have fish and chips, and ended with spending few pennies at the Pier Casino. Though we didn't win anything, we had a great time.

Again, being the camera holder, unable to join them part two. It's not fair at all!!!

Youd do not have to spend huge bucks to be happy, it's how you share time and joy to each other.

The fish and chips. Pure British.

After a wholesome but leg aching day, we only have a couple of these special chocs to bring home....Stupid, ain'it????


diwatang_byaning said...

kaingit naman! fish and chips waaaaa... I couldn't find any fish nd chips here that as good as the brit's does... masyadong babad sa minola hahaha

malejandria said...

Loka ka talaga..... At least no, real and fresh potato, at ang fish, either cod or plaice. hmmmmm, pigaan mo ng lemon at kunting asin lang solve ka na.

See you again dear.

diwatang_byaning said...

cod gamit nila dine, but still... lasang-lasa ang baguio oil hahaha....
at tart sauce na ewan ang sawsawan ewwww... *I ain't bovvered* ika nga ni Catherine Tate chorvalei