Tuesday, 10 June 2008

There is no other Time but NOW!

I was just watching the daily news from TV Patrol in TFC, and it is saddening to know that teachers in the Philippines are underpaid, degraded, and never has been rewarded for their efforts, following years of service to the country in educating the next generation. I feel so sorry for these people who are giving their "all" to provide information, develop skills, boost confidence, and shape the future of the Philippines.
I am a nurse, and have left the country to find a better life abroad. I have not asked for a luxurious life, but at least be secured enough to think that my kids will get the best chance to be able to stand strong in their time. If I have stayed in the Philippines, I probably would not get this security. I am aware that there have been thousands who have gone the same path as mine, leaving a gigantic shortage of nurses in the Philippines.
I will not be surprised if someday, these teachers will decide to leave Philippines, too. There have been promising jobs lurking around the world, with better pay, working lives, and benefits. If this will come to pass, I am so scared of the aftermath. What will happen to the next generation? What is the country's future? What ? What?..... You probably know Why!
As a country, I have nothing against the Philippines. Indeed, I still stand firm and proud being a Filipino. I am a great campaigner of its beauty, and exotic destinations. But it angers me to the max that it is being exploited, corrupted, and governed by people who have no other intention but to get their personal gain. Each leader have their own agenda, blaming each other, and just like crabs in a bucket, wanting anyone who goes up gets clipped down.
Well, what else can I say? Can I do better than this? I am an ordinary person, probably non-existent to the eyes of the Philippine Government. But I do believe in Tesco's "Every little helps". I am here to influence your thoughts, ask you to think, and get involved. Our beloved country needs people who have the pure heart to serve - not politics, not people's power that leads to misunderstanding and division, people who sometimes just join because they are paid to participate, but not realizing what they are into. Our beloved country needs people who are clear of their service, transparent of their intentions, etc. My fellow countrymen, there is no other time, BUT NOW.
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