Wednesday, 25 June 2008


My husband and I went to an Indian shop this morning to get some fresh asian vegetables such as ampalaya, okra, opo, saluyot at sitaw. And to add into, we saw a few young coconuts (buko). To our delight, we got one although the size is no bigger than my son's head. It cost £3.00. So expensive! When we got home, I told my husband to cut it, but he said, not until the kids are back from school because he'd want them to see it..... it just dawned on me, my poor kids, didn't experience what I had when I was young. Coconuts, climbing trees, swimming in the backyard's fishpond, digging shallow wells, cooking grass in tin cans, fetching ducks and chickens eggs etc. etc. I can only tell them stories.

To make matters worst, my colleague at work, he's into plenty of holidays, but only realized lately that coconuts grew tall, all his life 'til then thought they were like pineapples! How sad is that? I have invited him to come to the Philippines, especially in the fruit basket Davao, so he'd see and taste fruits he probably haven't imagine.

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