Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Life in the Snow, and the White Christmas

It is Christmas time again, and guess what? We have it white here in British Columbia. Very unusual, I was told, but here it is. Apparently, this is only once in 5-6 years, often, winter here is mild, just less than a centimeter deep of snow and will be gone by midday, but look at us on the video, really digging in and having fun right in front of our house. Actually, these photos were taken last week, and until now it is still snowing, it is knee deep!!!!! Jessica and James were having fun everyday, and because it is school break, they get to do things in the yard. I just wish we could share this moments to everyone, and we'll have fun and celebration each time, just like this season has to offer us. Merry, Merry Christmas to you all.