Friday, 6 June 2008

BBQ, Waiting for the sun

It's June and middle of the year, yet it's wet, wet,wet and WET.... almost everyday. Last year, it was the same. I could not believe it's summer here in Great Britain. Should be the time to enjoy some sunshine (moan, mon, moan !!!*&$3£). In fact, in anticipation for the sunshine, I am ever ready to bring out the BBQ, I have patiently skewed last night, so that any of my friends pop to ours, I have got something ready, or perhaps they might call me just to see their garden in blooms and ended up having a sit down, I could just bring it on. Poor skewed pork, has to live in the freezer until the sun is up.I hope the rosemary's would not decide to root up or bloom in there.

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