Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Hello to the one reading this blog. Your visit is very much appreciated because this is my very first attempt to blog. You may notice the difference in how I introduced and wrote on this one. In fact I have been wanting to create a blog for years following having fun reading other people's blogs. Not only having fun, but also getting interesting information about almost anything. Yes, it really does help a lot in learning little things everyday. Anyway, I better introduce myself before I get too excited.

Well, foremost, my name is Mary. I am 32 years old, married, and have two children. I am a nurse by profession and working in the intensive care unit of one of the UK's NHS Trust. I am born Filipino, yet now obtained, together with my family, British Citizenship. I would say, I am honest, humble, God-fearing woman. Also a passionate mum to my two kids, and a very loving wife to my husband and responsible and helpful daughter to my parents and a truly dependable friend to my brothers and sister. A loyal person, and always looks to the bright side of everything. I always say: "Everyday and everything is beautiful as soon as you decided it will be." No matter how dull and gray a moment is, once you made up your mind that it will be better, it will be better, isn't it?

I am interested in general information, I love to share ideas about things that will make our lives easier, and surfing the net during my free time.


Shiela said...

Yehey may blog ka na rin. Sorry nakalimutan kong i send. Ang sama ng pakiramdam ko, as in 12 hours ako sa bed.

Observer'sEyes said...

that means, nag ba blog ka rin this time...hehehe. pareho pala tayo. sick ako ngayon dear, unfortunately. May flu yata ako. sama talaga ng pakiramdam.