Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Introducing me, me and oh me

Hi i'm jessica my mum let me go on this blog and soon i will be able to make my own blog when my mum finds out how to do this, in school i'm in a company called holiday haven and as you can see i've got a certificate for being employee of the month!!!, in history i like the ancient Egyptians and that links in with being an employee because we're selling holidays to egypt.

here are some examples or what i wrote....................

for example ............
do you want to get away from the stress of city life then go to sharm el shaikh
have a relaxing, luxurious and amazing time as well.

i guess you think i'm really boring

but i love music from
kelly clarkson
don moen
leona lewis
and so on

and i also love animals too especially dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now what do you think of me ..............

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dops said...

wow, now i know something of you =)