Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Blogging after a Night shift...Nightmare.

Being a nurse in ICU is such a rewarding career, but of course, there's this one thing that I could not really get on.... And that is doing a night shift. No matter how quiet the shift was or how fun the night has been after catching up the latest gossip from a colleague, soon as I finish the shift, I feel so rotten. I keep telling myself, I should get used to this following over ten years of nursing experience... but hey, it is always the same. Yeah, there's always chance of career change, but I honestly do love ICU nursing....I do, I do, I do. No matter how much I tell myself not to, but I do, I do. Probably, will retire doing the same thing.

Anyway, now that I have started blogging, I have something to look forward to opening my laptop when I get home aside from reading the latest news frontpage. I don't mind it today because it is my day off from this morning and I have got nothing to do. Hah, the kids are at school, and my hubby...o my beloved hubby, he's gone to work, bless him. He has got a business and owns his time therefore often I arrive from work seeing him doing his accounts or his marketing from home, but today he is not here.... He has actually gone to his warehouse, and guess what when I checked in the kitchen, there's also breakfast ready. How sweet! There's scrambled egg, fried eggplant, and dilis (anchovies)... SARAAAAPPPP (deliciousssssss). Here I am again, lost the appetite to try the latest diet craze I've been thinking for the last few days. My friends keep telling me I have double my size and I need to lose it ASAP. That is really cruel, but in fact is true. And to retalliate to them I often say, "yeah, I know I need to lose weight, but dieting is not part of it!" I would rather excercise... but then I have once joined a gym, but only attended times counted by my fingers in one hand, and gave up. My poor husband once convinced me to join him jogging, as he loves running and basketball, which I kindly gave into. You know what happened? I was walking halfway through, mind more the going back! Such a pity to myself, my legs are in so much pain I have to go off sick the following day. I honestly could not walk. But now, I am getting better each time. Who knows, I will lose few pounds and get comfortable wearing summery clothes soon. Afterall, summer is here.

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