Thursday, 8 May 2008

Off sick

It is my day off today from a night shift yesterday morning, but felt so ill that I could not even get up from bed, and when I did, the world around me was spinning. My husband got the two kids ready and send them to school, and when they're gone, I'd tried to go downstairs to see what I can have for breakfast - there's sunny side up egg, bacon, toast, and baked beans. All are nicely presented, but the thought that I will be sick afterwards put me off. So instead, I just grabbed a bottle of water from the garage (not used as a garage, but a stock room) and a liter of tropicana orange juice from the fridge. This should sustain me all day, I guess, than being sick, which I hate terribly. Just think of my diaphragm muscle aching afterwards!!!! Huh, no way.....

Anyway, I felt so rough that I have to call my workplace and let them know I could not make it tomorrow for a 12-hour shift on a day. I don't think I would get better so soon. Our nurse in charge could sense it from my voice, I do not have to explain. I took paracetamol this morning, which made me feel a bit better, plus our aircon on full blast. Saying that, as a normally active and early person, lying in bed here make my back achy... what I am gonna do?

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