Friday, 9 May 2008


Well, tomorrow will be an exciting event for most of the Ipswich Filipino Community because of the basketball league being held in Cambridge. There is a hardfight between two Ipswich teams, the Ipswich Tigers and Barangay WJM. Ipswich Tigers is my husband's group and Barangay WJM is the other group headed by Erwin Manan.

Both groups have two wins and one loss, so this is definitely a close fight. And guess what, the wives and children are getting so excited, too. Of course they should be there to cheer and support their husbands'. I don't know about myself, feeling this rough doesn't help, just praying hard I'd be there to take good shots.If that is the case, then I shall be able to post nice pics in here. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!!!! including the latest gossips, you know, just like celebrity players, our local teams have lots of it, too. Hep, Hep, Horrahhh, Ipswich Tigers Champion na. Hep, hep, horeeyyyy, panalo na kami... ang kalaban walang silbi!!!!!

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