Sunday, 18 May 2008

I'll Pay You.

Last Sunday, we went to London, and on our way back to Ipswich, it was my turn to drive, and it's my rule that if I'm behind the wheels, the two kids should shut up or sleep kasi madali akong ma irritate. Anyway, okey naman ang journey namin, but as soon as we entered the roundabout from A12 to Ipswich, Jessica suddenly noticed and said;

Jessica: look Daddy, James made a hole in the back seat
Daddy: Now look what you've done, James!!! Humanda ka mamaya sa bahay ha, dumapa ka!
James: No please, Dad, I'm sorry.....
Daddy: Hindi, dumapa ka....
James: Nohhhh (mangiyak-ngiyak), please
Daddy: Anong No? Dapa ka, sumusobra ka na, di ka na kasi nakakatikim, eh!
James: No (iyak, hikbi..) I'LL PAY YOU....

Made me laugh to death, as well as everybody. James was already teared down, but laughed at what he himself said, which brought him para lumobo yung ilong nya dahil nagkataon na may sipon din sya.

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