Monday, 19 May 2008

Just Before Good Night.

Just before I'll go back to bed tonight, I thought I'll just add this up. I have been asleep until four o'clock this afternoon because I've just finish nights, and to make matters more complicated, I have to come home a lot later this morning because I have to go on a patient transfer to Neuro Critical Care Unit of Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, so dizzying experience, because the paramedics are also not happy to go that far, when they are just about to go home when they were called to come with their ambulance....Well, I held myself so much not to argue. I could understand their point, in fact, we are in the same situation.... but hey, it's nobody's fault.
Anyway, I have a good sleep, and when I woke up, I went to check my blogs and enjoyed blog hopping and posted few virtual card pieces, forgetting about the time. The two children downstairs are trying their best not to make any noise, thinking that I am asleep, and everytime they needed to come up and use the toilet or go in their rooms, I could hear my daughter telling her brother "ssshhhhh, mum is asleep, be quiet"... how thoughtful of her, both did not realize I am already awake, and so silly of me, seeing that it is still bright outside (SUMMERTIME IN UK) made me think it's still early. I only realized when my daughter knocked on our door to ask if I am waking up because she is hungry.... Poor girl, so I rushed down to find, there's no quick fix, so I just experimented on few bits and pieces I could get in the fridge... and presto! t'was a hit. When my husband came home, we all enjoyed dinner, though non of us could name what I've just cooked. In fact, I've taken a photo of it while it's hot. Here it is.


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