Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Jessica on Stage!

I am so proud of my daughter Jessica, she has participated in her school's Summer Musical Concert. She played the guitar whilst singing. Honestly, she has a "Voice", though I won't brag about it right now. Her other mates played the violin, electric guitar, and other musical instruments, which I can not name because I do not know them. I do not play any musical instruments myself so I don't know how to support my daughter in this area, but she did well. I knew she'd be good because I could see how much effort she puts everytime she practices at home, and all I could do is to make honest comments. Anyway, the concert was successfull, and well attended. I am just so proud of her, and I'll say it again, I am just so proud of my daughter, Jessica. Well done, Babe.
Photos to follow. Will also tell you sometime about when she did the "Kids on the Catwalk"... Well, she's only ten now, but is a good achiever. Kanino pa magmamana, di bah?!!!!

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