Friday, 16 May 2008


Summertime is here and it's so nice, bright coloured tops and bottoms displayed in so many shops, and I could not help myself from getting few pieces to add into my wardrobe. To my dismay, recently, I have inspected my legs and saw more varicose veins bulging. I am only in my mid 30's, but how come I've got so many? So difinitely shorts are off, no matter how fashionable they are. Then I tried to put my two piece bikini on from last year, looked at the mirror, again, I needed new one, not because it's old, but because I could see few more bulging belly coming out, so no more two pieces, definitely just a straight one, plus a sarong, would do the trick, I told myself.
Walking around town the other day, bright and sunny, I shouldn't think so bad about myself, there are people who just do it, wearing things comfortably, and yes, compared to mine, they have worst varicose veins, big bellies, not so good legs, but how come, I can't???? Hey, out there, have you got a medicine for insecurities? I need it badly. Should drug manufacturer think of making insecurity pills, well, if they created many for depression, can I not have one for my disability? Disabled to wear shorts and mini skirts, Disabled to wear sleeveless tops, disabled to wear anything daring? There must be something wrong with my head, and paracetamol does not help...... Perhaps, ....................................................I could do better with blogging. Yet, should you know a thing, buzz me.

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Anonymous said...

Wow..we have the same problem.. with varicosities and insecure on wearing shorts...i used to weear short shorts and micro minis..back planning to go to a vascular sgn..mine went bad esp after 2 kids..but u know..we need to focus more on our other also a filipina,here in US. a citizen..but still pure pinoy by heart...