Friday, 9 May 2008

Migration or Migrating?

I can relate to what is going on currently here in the UK, seems that most of the Filipino Nurses, who were once very excited to come here, are slowly finding their way to other countries such as Australia, Canada, and the USA. I even heard that someone went to Dubai, UAE, following becoming British. Apparently, there's more income oppurtunity over there. Well, I can't argue enough. I could not deny the cost of living here in the is very, very expensive. A litre of petrol now is over a £1.00, whilst couple of years back, it's only 50p, meaning all the prices have gone double. Our weekly grocery now costs around £80-100, and that only includes fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, bread and daily needs for pack lunches of the kids and myself. This budget does not include the bulky stuffs such as washing powders, home cleaning agents, and clothes. It used to be just around fifty pounds. Yes, prices have definitely doubled, yet our salary have only increased by around 4% in total since we're here. Disgusting isn't it? A pity!!!!!

I am also thinking of migrating to Canada, after doing some weighing up between Australia, New Zealand, US, and Canada. Four years back, I have started to apply to the US, and submitted all the requirements, and when I finally got my ATT for the NCLEX, I just lost interest. I honestly don't know what happened then. Soon as I got the letter, I just set it aside, and kept quiet. I didn't regret my decision, in fact, I felt relieved. Although I have loving family and friends and people that I knew living and working in the US, they are not enough reason that I should go there as well. So USA is out immediately. New Zealand, I tried to contemplate about,but does not sound so appealing to me. Australia, better. Wider place, nearer the PH and nice sunny weather, yet I can not see myself in there, under. Looking at the globe and maps and imagining myself and my head pop up from that huge land does not show a good outlook. Huh, seems weird, but that's how I feel. I have lots of friends and colleagues that are already there and obviously said about nice things about it, but still, these news would not get me there. And lastly, Canada. Easy decision, because there's nothing left...... No. I have to evaluate and compare it to the UK, read forums and blogs about it, just like what I've done with the others, and presto, Canada weighs far beyond the others. I have based my decision on the lifestyle. I am a kind of person that wants a laid back, quiet, yet accessible life. Where my kids can grow up and enjoy the wonders and scenes that God made. I do appreciate that each country have something to offer in this category, but I feel that Canada has got more to offer than anyone else. My husband and kids agree with me about this and we are all getting excited. And the best thing is: We all have promised each other that, should we make a mistake in going to Canada, no one is to be blamed. We must, otherwise, support and work together to make it work, and if not, we can easily go back to the UK.

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