Wednesday, 2 July 2008

I went to see my GP (family doctor, General Practice) today because I have had sore throat for the last three days and feeling under the weather. All I thought is it's just an ordinary viral tonsillitis which will be gone in a day or two, but last night aside from fever, chills, and aching all over, I felt I have to breathe through my mouth, and my nose is blocked, so if I need to talk, I have to speak in half sentences, and I've been drooling (like asong ulol) and my neck glands are getting bigger by the day which made me panic..... Just the thought of our patients being intubated due to laryngitis...... Scary!
So here I am, off sick again from work, on antibiotics and anti inflammatories, and been banned by my husband to drink soda (well, only if he's around).

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