Monday, 7 July 2008

Interview update

Few friends learned and asked about my interview the other day. Well, as usual, I have the butterflies and bees buzzing in my stomach the whole day, the tension is just too much for me. I tried my best to get prepared, but none have helped my nervousness, until the time has come five o' clock dead on, the phone rang, and presto, my interviewer on the other end. Obviously she verified my identification, spelt my name correctly, asked my d.o.b., etc, and we had a nice chat, basically. All the frequently asked questions from google did not come at all. You probably can imagine me, sitting on the floor (buti na lang carpeted) in our lounge with all the papers laid around, with all my possible answers written down! hayyyyyyy.... none of it came. Anyway, the whole interview appeared positive, so I am just waiting for another one this time. Hopefully this week. I sure will update you guys.

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