Thursday, 10 July 2008

Another Good Time

Today, I am so bored, so when the children came home from school, we decided to have some fun and do what Novie did last Tuesday.... Gaya-gaya ba.
Is that how you live your life..... Crabbing?

Just being nosey

Dad, Jessica, James: all busy getting crabs, making sure only the big ones goes to the bucket.
Watch out for that cunning seagull up there, it's after your catch.

Bored, because he's got no luck with crabs, and felt that monkeying about is gonna make it!

This seagull is patiently waiting to get hold of our bait leftovers

Fresh and live, kasarap gataan! Huwag maingay, ang mga puti kasi, kapag nanghuhuli nito, binabalik din sa tubig pagkatapos, di ba naman mga aning! Basta kami, sarap ng hapunan!

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manilenya said...

ganda ng mga photos! sarap nyan crabs kaya lang ingat sa hight blood! :) salamat po sa bisita!