Monday, 7 July 2008

The Good Ole' Days

These photos are over three years old, but still keep their colours, so before they fade, I might as well store them online for better keeping. The one above was taken at the basement of Harrods' in London.... Tribute to the Princess Diana and Dodi.

Above, with friends after having tear and share food because the picnic was unannounced so most haven't prepared anything. Frankly, I quite like that kind, no stress, and just be carefree.

Taken at one of the London underground tunnels. Trying to find our way out perhaps, or figuring which way to our next tube.

Another unannounced picnic by the carboot sales. Lots of Filipino friends came and joined us with no preparations whatsoever, yet we had a good time together.

Winter snowballing, and just being carefree.

Becoming tired from roaming around and nowhere to sit but the stairs.
The original basketball team players. Some have gone to other places, but the spirit is still here.

Another photo taken at Harrods' - London's elite.

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