Saturday, 12 July 2008

Last Day of my Week's Annual Leave

It's Saturday, and it's my last day of my week's annual leave. I could not believe how the week has gone so quick. Nothing special happened. I am just at home most of the time because we can not go somewhere far because the children are still at school, and besides, I am not perfectly well for the first few days of the week. As usual, not feeling 100% after three days of Tonsillitis, having tremors and jittery and not on my usual strenght. I feel that I am not getting any younger, and everytime I am not well, it takes longer time to get back to my usual self. Getting and going old, for short.
Last Thursday's crabbing, we thought of riding the ferry today, but this morning the wind is strong and the sky is grey, so I thought of our safety immediately, and although the children are disappointed, they understood after I explained to them my concerns.
Anyway, we will just stay indoors, rent a film, stroke the rabbits, play nintendo DS, oh, and saying that, I am hooked to Brain Training. I would not tell you how old my brain is but I am working towards it.

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