Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What will you do if your'e bored at work?

I am on nights tonight, este, it's now the morning, about 3:45AM pacific time, and I am at work. It's reasonably quiet, and I am getting bored. I could not resist looking at the clock and wish the hands would go faster. I have surfed the net for a while now, and started to daydream..... Nothing really on the web that interests me aside from tips on gardening and farming. Would you believe that I always wanted to be a farmer. I love tilling the soil and growing things. The place we have right now has a little garden and I have, because it's autum time, taken away the plants that are wilting and now starting to put on vegetables that will take the harshness of winter. It won't be long and we will be freezing here again, and that depresses me. My activity in the garden would be limited. Being in the garden rejuvenates me and I could just relax and let out the stress whenever. I seldom watch TV. So don't ask me about anything of news or latest gossip and soaps, I know nothing.

See..... I could tell you so much about what's goin' on my mind right now.... it's gardening, gardening, and gardening.... because I am bored stiff here at work, and wish it's daylight now so I could run home and put out my asparagus which I bought the other day. They're still in pots but I will be building a raised bed for them today so I could transplant them.... yipppeeee. I am looking forward to my day off now. I am pretty sure it would be worthwhile. I hope my Cocoa (my chocolate labrador) would not be so helpful and stop being nosey of what I am doing, otherwise, I probably mostly spend half the time scolding her to stop digging, too... huh, simple life.... simple joys, and simple dreams..... very much achievable and very rewarding.

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