Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Some Annoying Things In Life

I ain't gonna rant, and I am not going to make it ponder to me today, but I am a little annoyed with something I just learned today. Someone, whom I am not very pleased with afterall the good things I have done to him, have the heart to slander me. I could not understand why some people are just so thick and proud, that after you have helped them, they would forget about you, and not only that, talked behind you of your flaws. Of course I am no perfect or never even became close to become one, but trust me, I am trying my very best and really hard to be kind and conscientious (that's a long word, I am not even sure of the spelling). So now, that person is trying to come back to me because they (him and his family) need a favor from me???!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!! I am a very kindhearted person, but only to those who know how to be grateful and keep the friendship between us, I maybe far or near. I don't expect people who I have helped to pay me back the same. I understand it if you can not reciprocate, but please if you have seen flaws and mistakes on myself, let me know about it directly if it really bother you, and don't talk to others about it and expect I would not know.

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