Tuesday, 5 October 2010

James' 10

It was my son's 10th birthday last Sunday 3rd October 2010, and I am working all day, so to make it up with the whole family, my husband and I planned to dine out after my work. So there we are, had a feast in one of my son's favorite resto. We are all filled to the brim. To be honest, I have been feeling guilty about a few of these things.

1. I am working on my son's birthday... how terrible is that? Well, he didn't mind at all. I am glad! He had his wish to have a new celphone, and there he have it.

2. We meant to have a little pancit and homecooked meals and celebrate at home, but we went out. Filipino tradition is that you have to have something like pancit (kind of chowmein - with long strings of noodles) to have longevity for the celebrant....that's just a belief passed by word of mouth.

3. I have pigged out again. I was trying to eat less due to health reasons. I am not getting any younger, and my metabolism is slowing down, I should really watch out what I am eating at what time of the day it is. Well, we finished eating at about nine p.m. and that time was supposed to be bedtime for me as I would need to wake up early the following day for another 12 hours day shift at the hospital. Can you imagine me going to bed with a really heavy stomach? Well, must tell you, it is not comfortable.

So now, I have a twelve year old teengirl, and a 10 year old boy. When we go out altogether, we're like hmmmmm.... still a young family, but closer to becoming just buddies, soon.... maybe in a couple of years, that's what we will be.

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