Sunday, 3 January 2010

It's the 2nd Day of the Year

Yes, it's January 2, 2010..... and of course, although it is a day late, I still want to greet everyone a Blessed Happy & Prosperous New Year.

2009 for us here in Canada is slightly tragic, but I always look at them at the bright side. To start last year, our brand new car had a crash. Luckily, we were all safe. Though we felt that the VW Routan is a good addition to our family upon coming to this new country, it has unfortunately been crashed into by another big car around third week of January 2009. It went under a thorough repair and now it does not show any sign of what it has been through last year.

Then came December 9, 2009. We were broken into while we were all away, myself at work, kids at school, and my husband volunteered to drive my daughter and her friends to their skating trip. The burglars have taken absolutely everything, aside from our clothes, at broad daylight. We were all devastated. Imagine all our identifications, cards, passports, birth/marriage certificates, licences, etc. are all included in what they have taken on top of the gadgets and gizmos they could think of. I suppose some people are just so selfish. Merry Christmas to them. But that didn't put us off. If you remember I have booked a ticket for us all to go to the Grouse Mountain. Well, we did. And although we don't have cameras with us, we enjoyed the day and at least treated ourselves to a much deserved break.

Well, to start this year.... it's nice to announce that we have moved on.... yes, literally! We found a new house, of course with a garage to house the car..... and slowly gathering pieces we've lost. So glad to welcome this year with so much enthusiasm and hope. I believe it will be great for us, and praying it will be to others, too. Have a great year everyone!

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