Friday, 8 January 2010

Gathering the Pieces Part 1

Today is nothing special, but I have decided to make it a start. As you may have known already, after the robbery and theft from our house on the second week of December 2009, we have moved to a new place. Together with that, we have to call our utility suppliers for change of address. Next is Christmas and New Year Celebration.

Fourth of January is the kids first 2010 schoolday, but because they have to change school too, I have to enroll them first to this new school, and guess what? because we have no passport, visa, or birth certificates (as all of our documents were also taken by the thieves), it became a little bit tricky. Well, we can do nothing but to tell them as much as we can truthfully and show them the police report. I am just glad we were understood, so the two kids were eventually enrolled and attended school the next day.

We also had an appointment with our bank yesterday to close all our existing accounts and create a whole new profile with our history carried over to a new account. Credit history in Europe and North America is very, very important..... so you probably know what I am talking about. This process will take few days as we need to set up our actual ATM cards, order new set of cheques, forward copies of our new bank information to our payroll system and to companies where we have automatic debit/credit, etc.

So today, as it has been nearly over three weeks of frustration from hoping to get our documents back, or at least get a few, from the police ..... I made a decision to start wiping everything off and start afresh. Today, I am going to send our passport notice of cancellation to the nearest UK consular office, and guess what where it is? Well, it is in Washington state of the US which is just about 5 minutes drive from where we are living, but because we do not have passports at present, we can not cross the border. How inconvenient, isn't it? There is a British High Commission office in Vancouver, but they do not deal with passport, so we're here, stuck!

Anyway, I am hoping the passport issue should be quick, so we could get a new set of work and study visas here in Canada.
To be honest, without our documents right now, we can be anybody, really.... but most likely, Nobody!

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