Saturday, 16 January 2010

Gathering the Pieces Part 2

Finally, I have gathered the strenght to face it all.... the forms filling, passports' applications sent, and spoke to the case personnel about our permanent residency status. Told them that we lost our documents that we used to enter Canada. Well, they are able so helpful, I could not fault them. There will be a bit of delay in processing our status here in Canada, but for me it doesn't matter. Our work permits and study permits of the kids will cover us for another 2 years, and for sure that is plenty of time for us to recover what we have lost. By God's grace, we have never felt this relieved for the last four weeks, thinking of what will happen to us now, what if?????, etc.....

And my job? it's even better. There's a lot of opportunities, financial, educational, morale, and more, but of course, that isn't my top priority right now. My family and I have decided to listen more to ourselves, spend more time to bond, and just enjoy while we live.

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