Saturday, 28 November 2009

Malapit na Pasko!

Naku, ako'y nag alala bigla, looking at my countdown to Christmas, 28 days na lang pala, yet eto ako, wala pang napupundar kahit na ano para sa aking mga chikiting para balutin at ilagay sa ilalim ng Christmas Tree. Nakupo, mahirap itong aking kalagayan, full time worker, tapos winter pa dito sa Canada, nakakatamad maglakwatsa o mag shopping. O baka naman kaya ako ang may diperensya. Pasensya na kuripot talaga ako, at di masyado sa mga materyal na bagay.

Actually, personally, I do not grew my kids up to expect gifts from us or from others. I believe that it's not about the things you get, but it's about what you can give. Just like the true sense of Chritmas.... God gave so much, the poor world would have some.

So now I just have this cutest idea, why don't I just treat them a day to the Winter Wonderland Grouse Mountain. Really, I am pretty sure they would have fun, their experience there will be remembered forever. Better than unwrapping a material present, this is actually a memory to keep. I am excited myself about this and has just now booked a ticket for four of us.... yeheyyyy. Then the rest of the holiday seasons we can just do what we can do for others. Isn't that nice?

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