Friday, 13 February 2009

My Drive....

Even before I learned to drive, I already have this fascination on great powerful
cars in different sizes. My heart starts to pound when I see some king of the road offroader 4x4 big trucks. I can not stop thinking, if I am the driver of that huge vehicle, it's like having power, and control.

Not only on big trucks, I also love the power of being fast and safe. I am a responsible driver, but it does not mean I am not having fun. Take a look at what Driving a Ferrari 360 could offer you. I am just so glad that there is a racing school that we can turn on to. Admit it, not all of us can own a Ferrari 360, but sure we could drive one. With the help of this company, you could have a very unique and "to tell about/brag about" experience. C'mon, it's to a priviledge few, and sure you can be one of them, just like myself.

And to think I am a woman?, well, it does not make any difference for me. The thing is, I have this passion, and I like to live it well. Sometimes, we just have to have great real life experience for us to be able to tell the tale. Right now, I am driving a powerful V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Laredo, and guess what, I am loving it.

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