Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Just A Little Thought!

Last October 2008, my family and I went home to the Philippines for a vacation just before we came to Canada. For six solid years out of seven, I only seen my home country in the news online, The Filipino Channel, and the occassional newspaper or magazine available in asian stores once we have the time to check on them. On those years, I was thinking, the Philippines has improved economically. I am so glad that it is developing and supporting infrastrature projects, the people are more up front when it comes to changes being made. I thought, that is good; Filipinos are becoming involved. Hence, there is this excitement in my little heart to come home.

Anyway, soon after we landed, here comes our pick up. Two cars, and a truck. Just enough for the truck to carry our luggage, the other car to accommodate the people who came to pick us up and the last car for us. I felt really VIP, and to make matters worst, our convoy has got hazard lights on. I thought to myself, can people here in the Philippines really do this practice? If it is in England, police will be behind you soon if your hazards are on. I ask our relative, is it alright? He answered with an assurance, "yes, just to let others know that we are convoy".

Then, here comes the discipline. I have warned my two kids to always say "po and opo" to everyone older than them, which they did religiously. I am glad, I wasn't shamed. But then, few days later I have observed, my kids are polite and are so nice, yet I can hear other kids yelling back to their elders, yes they use "po and opo" but are not really making sense of it. In fact, my daughter commented, "Mom, I thought you said kids in the Philippines are nice, how come they have no respect?"

And she meant a big picture of everything. She grew up in England, and is used to respecting everything, in fact well versed of the 'Do's and Don't's" that leads up to caring. She cried when she saw her cousin kick a poorly chick in the backyard, she was so upset when neighbor hurt their dogs, was shocked to see that seven people ride in a five-seater car, young and old alike throw their garbage just anywhere, when her brother and herself has to keep their litter in their pockets until they see a bin, if not, it comes home with them.

Those are just few things I thought have changed, but I guess, it got worst. Our politics and government would never ever improved despite big efforts, if these minute little attitudes don't get addressed. If our young generations now are these "non respecting little rascals and brats" then I don't feel that Philippines has got a chance for change. It would be nice, if parents would make sense of respect in all its meaning, rather than just imposing it by words. Sure it is easy to memorize words, but doing it what it meant is another story, which I hope should be addressed soon.

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