Wednesday, 6 August 2008

We went to watch WALL-E on Cineworld last Monday. It was good fun, but when it was about to end, when WALL-E seemed to have lost its charge and mind, and EVE is trying to get him back by solar- recharging him, my son kept quiet, and a few more seconds, he started to cry.... huhuhuhuhuhuhuh. Well, it's normal for him. He get easily attached to his toys and wholeheartedly care for them.... I would not wonder when he grows up that his attitude would be exactly like his Dad.

After that we went to Nando's and enjoyed a meal. Well three of us did, while my husband just forced himself to join us. It's always like that... he wants to try somewhere else, while I would say Nando's is nearer and he disagreed at first because we have been there several times and want to go somewhere else, so as usual I rallied my kids and said; "Kids, where do you want to eat, I think, Nando's fine." and that usually do the trick. Three versus one is so uneven and easy decision , ain't it? LORRRL! (laughing out really, really, really loud!).

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